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Michael Humphries Golf Professional Team Manston Golf Centre

Whether it’s a finishing flourish or the centrepiece of what you’re wearing, what’s on your feet matters. When it comes to looking your best, nobody puts a spring in your step like Puma.

Ignite Fasten8 shoes completing an outfit
Puma Fasten8 Pro shoes completing an outfit

If you’re a fashion-conscious golfer, you might’ve noticed a growing trend towards athletic, dynamic-looking shoes. There’s nothing wrong with traditional golf shoes, but sometimes you just want to break the mould with something exciting. That’s exactly what Puma’s IGNITE Fasten8 Pro shoes do. These shoes look trendy and stylish, but the detailing delivers a smart, suave appearance at the same time. The fashion shackles are off, so make the most of it!

Puma Ignite NXT golf shoes
Puma IGNITE NXT golf shoes

We don’t see any reason why you can’t stroll straight from the course to the high-street with a smooth transition, especially with the Puma IGNITE NXT design – more of a trainer-style shoe – giving you such a versatile style. Both of these designs have spikeless soles that grip the ground when you’re playing, so you can have the look AND the performance you want. But which will you choose?

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